Alexis Nesme Special Guest

A ‘’ plastic drawing of luxuriant colours’’ distinguishes his comics adaptation of Jules Verne’s work, The Children of Captain Grant, published in Italy by Tunue’, which has soon won the favor of thousands of readers. We are talking about the french talent, Alexis Nesme: another great artist of the European scene who must be added to the rich list of guests of Romics XIX Edition, which is expected full of emotions.

Author of unique works, Alexis Nesme, ranges from the use of computer-related techniques to a cartoon style, as in The Kids. He knows how to make each of his works unique, with an always recognizable style. An artist esteemed by a large public which includes both young readers and ‘’comic-books eaters’’, Alexis Nesme will be present at Romics from April 7 to April 10 2016, to meet the public, speak about his career, unveil secrets and teachings.