Cosplay Contests Winners

The winners of  Romics Karaoke Award,  Romics Cosplay Award and Song Romics Contest have been announced on Sunday 10 April, during the XIX edition of Romics.


Romics Karaoke Award 

Alessia Cozzolino with Euterpe, performing the character of  Inori Yuzuriha, taken from the anime Guilty Crown


Romics Song Contest

Carmela Senatore with the song Batman


Romics Cosplay Award

1st PrizeAndrea Cangiamila performing Raider-White Armor “Jamais vu” version taken from Metal gear solid 5: ground zeroes

Best Female CosplayGinevra Mari, Nijumi, taken from Adekan-Manga

Best Male Cosplay: Maurizio Profico, daedric armor taken from Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Best Performance ex equo:

Sarah Taddei with Kattnis Everdin taken from Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Daniele Vita with Peter Pan

Best Anime/Manga GroupCardcattor Sakura

Best American Superheroes GroupBatman il Ritorno

Best Videogames GroupArchlord

Best Animated and Fantasy Film Group Terra di Mezzo Cosplayers