Edvige Faini - Special Guest


Edvige Faini

is a Concept Artist from Milan, Italy.
Her primary focus is Concept Design, Matte Painting and Environment Design for films, games, commercials and other entertainment media.
She’s graduated at the European Istitute of Design with a Degree in Visual Communication and Illustration. After the Degree she also studied fine art at the Brera Accademy of fine Art and Photographic Techiniques at the Forma Foundation of Photography.
After years working as a professional Illustrator and Art Director for several Publishing, Magazines and Advertising studios she decided to move to Los Angeles to realize her dream: become a Concept Artist.
In 2010 She finally enrolled at the Gnomon School of Visual Effect and shortly after the end of the courses she took, she started collaborating as a Concept Artist with production studios in Hollywood such the Aaron Sims Company where she had the chance to gave her artistic contribution in movies like: Maleficent, Jupiter Ascending, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Edge of tomorrow and Sin City, to name a few.
Her love for Concept Art find his way for the East part of the world where, in Singapore, she started working at Ubisoft at the production of Assassin Creed Unity.
She has also contributed to the development of Final Fantasy XV ( game and movie ) collaborating with Square Enix Japan as Environment Concept Artist.
Edvige is now a full-time freelance artist working for various high profile clients in the video game and movie industry.