Grandizer lands at Romics


Who knows if during the journey to Rome the extraordinary mind of Nagai Kiyoshi, known as Go Nagai may not create another immortal character! After all, his art could never stop surprising. Go Nagai will arrive in Rome to take part in the XIX edition of Romics on schedule from 7-10 April and to receive the Golden Romics Award.

Go Nagai is regarded as one of the greatest authors of Japanese Comics and Animation, he created a universe of characters which accompanied entire generations: Ufo Robot, Goldrake, Mazinga, the manga cult Devil Man, Cutey Honey, Jeeg Robot, Violence Jack.

A great innovator both in Japan and overseas, who launched the Mecha genre, that of giant robots, real point of reference for over forty years.

In his works there are so many innovative ideas and contents: an original reading of the line between good and evil, the relationship between man, science and technology, the eroticism. A very complex and multifaceted author. His works created at international level a true sociological phenomenon, in such a way as to deeply influence all comic-books artists around the world.

Italy is very fond of Go Nagai. In 1978 Ufo Robot Goldrake was screened for the first time on TV, three years after the Japanese TV projection and the impact was enormous, the graphical and thematic innovation made this series a real cult event. Later, in January 1980, Rai 1 introduced to the public the forefather of the robots saga created by Go Nagai: ‘’Mazinger…Go!’’ and its ‘’rocket punch’’ launched to protect the humankind, a short while later would have fascinated almost all the Planet Earth.

A success lasting for at least three generations, from the discovery and the rediscovery of his works from the seventies and the eighties to the most recent ones. Nagai has been working uninterruptedly  for 40 years, also operating continuous renovations and rewritings of his most beloved characters.

Romics will celebrate the presence of Go Nagai with numerous events throughout all four-days of  Festival and with the assignment of the Golden Romics that, as always, will take place on Sunday April 10 at 12:00 at the Pala Romics – Pavillion 8 Sala Grandi Eventi e Proiezioni.

We are waiting for you at Romics, Go Nagai Sensei !