The Great Guests on the stage of Romics

Great masters of International comics, illustration and animation will alternate on the stage of Romics to tell about their own extraordinary careers and describe the technical and theoretical bases of their creations. Comics in real time, workshops, round tables to meet the great protagonists of italian and International comics.  




Go Nagai, considered as one of the greatest authors of japanese comics and anime, , has created a universe of characters which accompanied entire generations: Ufo Robot Grendizer, Mazinger, Devilman, Cutey Honey, Kotetsu Jeeg, Violence Jack. Italy is particularly attached to Go Nagai; when in 1978 Ufo Robot Grendizer was transmitted for the first time on tv, the impact was enormous, the highly graphical and thematic innovation made this series a real cult phenomenon.


William Simpson, leader storyboard artist of cult series Game of Thrones!  With his extraordinary pencil Simpson describes episode after episode  the faboulos adventures of Winterfall and King’s landing; thanks to his storyboards come to life stories and character’s faces, ready for the “action!”, for becoming the most loved fantasy TV series! Simpson is also illustrator of  famous comic-book Hellblazer.


Averardo Ciriello,  his pencil has accompanied several generations. From the comic-books of the 40’s to the movie posters (that become one of his main activities, between the 50’s and 70’s he has painted over 300 posters portraying the greatest stars of the moment), the illustrations for the book series I Classici dei ragazzi, the covers for the Domenica del Corriere, the adult comics, the suggestive covers for Maghella and Lucifera.




Paolo Barbieri, the great illustrator returns to Romics to present his recent work Tarots,  published by Lo Scarabeo. After having confronted himself with Gods, Fairy tales, Dante and the Apocalypse, here’s a new challenge, to re-interpret with his own style the graphic icons of tarots. 

Rufus Dayglo, eclectic artist, has collaborated for a long time  with the well-know publishing house 2000 AD and worked in the comic-book Tank Girl, created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin;


Edvige Faini, Concept Artist specialized in Concept Design, Matte Painting and Environment Design. She has contributed to the making of films such as Maleficent, Jupiter Ascending, Planet of the Apes, Edge of Tomorrow, 300, Sin City and Independence Day: Resurgence. She collaborated with Ubisoft in Assassin’s Creed Unity and she  is currently working with Square Enix Japan to the development of the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV.


Lele Vianello, among the greatest italian comics artists. He has worked for a long time with Hugo Pratt.


Alexis Nesme, very original and elegant french author, among his works  The Children of Captain Grant, published by Tunué.


Stefano Babini, polihedric and polished author , among his recent works, Indians.


Valerio OssDigital Compositor and Visual Effects Artist, he collaborates as Comic Book Artist for Walt Disney Company. He has worked on series such as  Da Vinci’s Demons and on films such as  127 Hours directed by Danny Boyle, Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows–  Part Two,  Sea directed by Kevin McDonald. At Romics he will present his work on the short anime film MILA, the most awaited in 2016.


Moreover, many others authors will be present for workshops and meetings organised by publishers and comics schools and for the unmissable events by Officina del Fumetto.



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