Grendizer and its 'creator' Go Nagai absolute protagonists of the XIX edition of Romics



Grendizer landed at  Romics


A series of important events have celebrated Master Go Nagai, creator of Grendizer, special guest of Romics. A great exhibition was dedicated to Grendizer and so many activities dedicated to the Master and to his extraordinary artistic production were included in the program.


A great exhibition has celebrated the presence of Master Go Nagai.

Grendizer as absolute protagonist in its gadjet and toy versions: from the new to the vintage, to which are added iconographic materials, the original settei and cells. Moreover, the unmissable scale models of the others  “Nagai’s creatures”, from Mazinger to Steel Jeeg, the prototypes of new action figures, the statues. The exhibition, composed by different sections, was also the scenery to the magnificent large-format drawings of the Master, a real full immersion inside the “Nagai mania”.


  • GRENDIZER MUSEUM. The first world exhibition of GRENDIZERMUSEUM, with more then 1000 pieces, where you could find several vintage materials and new articles for the series  Ufo Robot Grendizer. Toys, merchandise, posters, comic-books, cells, settei from the making of the series, audio and video material coming from all over the world: Japan, Italy, French, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Lebanon and  Arab Emirates, Australia, England, United States, Canada, etc... For the first time the rarest pieces in the world of robotic collecting were visible to public. 
  • YAMATO VIDEO cured a very suggestive space dedicated to the heroes of Go Nagai with the giant statues of Grendizer and Mazinger. Yamato Video has also celebrated at Romics its 25th anniversary.
  • COSMIC GROUP and BANDAI TAMASHII delighted the audience and the collectors showcasing on preview the Prototypes of the new scale models dedicated to Nagai’s characters. Action figures of highest level for a niche market.


Romics has also welcomed Master Go Nagai with a celebratory concert, a sensational cast of musicians  artistically related to the great master of japanese animation. To welcome Go Nagai the performance of  Douglas Meakin, original vocalist in the themed song of  Great Mazinger but also singer for Steel Jeeg. We also enjoyed on the stage  Maestro Vito Tommaso, composer of themed songs for  Getter Robot, Space Robot and Magne Robot Gakeen, as well as  Golden Romics Luigi Albertelli, co-author with Vince Tempera of Ufo Robot Grendizer’s opening songs . Finally Go Nagai was also welcomed by memorable themed-songs performers such as i Raggi Fotonici, Stefano Bersola and the winners of the past editions of Romics Karaoke Award, Daniela Palumbo and Giulia Morelli, the dubbers Fabrizio Mazzotta and Giorgio Locuratolo, both leading voices in several Nagai’s series.