Lazio Creativo at Romics


There is no doubt that the heart of Romics is the creativity and the ways, techniques, some arts through which is expressed. For such reason with the partnership of Regione Lazio, Romics has decided to devote to creativity a physical place, a special forum that can put together artists, critics, operators and young emerging figures in a dialogical relationship aimed at activating new creative processes.


The initiative Lazio Creativo at Romics provides a meeting point, for the distribution of informative and gadgets, with a reserved area for b2b professional meetings, then a wall, where young people and artists meet each others to give vent to their creativity; a space coordinated  by polyhedric artist David Vecchiato. Lastly an arena, the agora’ of creativity, the Comics Meeting & Lab, where workshops, conferences, meet & green will alternate. A space which promotes the relationship between creativity and professional experience, between art and work.



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