Lazio Games: meeting with game developers from Lazio Region


For the first time on the stage of Romics young developers will meet the public, a round table to discover five well established companies in the Lazio region and the strength of video game market, in a continually growing over the past years.

With the patronage of Regione Lazio, in collaboration with AESVI,  for the first time Romics is pleased to present five well established companies of the video game sector which will describe their experience of creative company.

The panel, moderated by Tiziano Toniutti of “La Repubblica”, will be a unique opportunity to get in contact and get a deeper insight into the different aspects of the universe of video game developers.

The CEO and Creative Director  of  Storm in a Teacup , Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi, awarded at Drago D’Oro N.E.R.O. (Nothing Ever Remains Obscure) for the best Italian Videogame and the best Artistic Creation will explain to us the reasons for this great success.

Marco Massarutto, Co-founder and Production Manager of  Kunos Simulazioni, in pole position in racing simulations, will present the technical data of Assetto Corse.

Riccardo Rosapepe, CEO of Indiegala, will talk about his productions from A to Z, starting from his experience behind titles such as Blackstorm and Die Young.

Andrea Bonsignore CEO and Head Developer of Invader Games will illustrate the versatility of his own toolset IG Reborn Framework, used to create unique horror experiences such as Resident Evil 2 Reborn and Project A.

Alessio Falsetti Co-founder and CEO of Imagimotion will introduce us in the world of strategy games, illustrating the complexity behind the planning of a universe such as that of Feudalism.


With the participation of AESVI and Regione Lazio we will also have the opportunity to be informed on the state of video game market in the Lazio region and more in general in Italy, and discover the new activities scheduled in 2016 for the promotion of this sector.


We are expecting you on 9 April, starting from 11:00 a.m. at Comics Meeting & Lab, Romics - New Fair Trade of Rome.


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