Romics ... another great success!


Eighteenth Edition



ROMICS, the great International festival dedicated to comics, animation, games, cinema and entertainment which was held at Fiera di Roma from Thursday 1 to Sunday 4 October has achieved a sensational result : 200.000 presences  in these four-day event. Clamorous numbers, that attest the growing popularity of an event firmly placed at the top of the sector in Italy and Europe, apart from being one of the most beloved events in Rome. Among the most significant moments  that characterized this edition of Romics, the awarding of Golden Romics to: BRUNO BOZZETTO,  the great italian director of animated films, who created in the Sixties his very first and timeless character Mr. Rossi, in 1965 the featured film West and Soda, followed by Vip my brother superman in 1968 and in 1976 by Allegro non troppo, the italian answer to illustrious “Fantasia” by Walt Disney. Bozzetto produced, with Piero Angela, more than 100 films for the TV science show Quark,  and more than thirty shorts, for which he received much recognition as well as many awards, including  four Nastri d’Argento, ten Career Awards, the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival and an Oscar Nomination. Bozzetto  represents a cornerstone in the history of italian and International Animation,  which has indelibly marked our imagination. Romics has also dedicated to Bozzetto a biographical exhibition composed by original drawings: From Bozzetto to Pixel. MARIO GOMBOLI, scriptwriter, a career studded with so many productions, but his name is especially linked to Diabolik, comic book created by sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani, for which he began in 1966 to propose ideas and contents. In 1999 Luciana Giussani wanted him as a business associate and general manager of Casa Editrice Astorina and in 2001 at the moment of founder’s death, he inherited the complete direction of the famous character. Diabolik was among the main protagonists of Romics with an unmissable Exhibition of originals and the premiere presentation of new publishing project DK! FRANCIS MANAPUL, DC comics illustrator of Batman and Flash. Another great event: the ROMICS COSPLAY AWARD, the most anticipated  Cosplay competition of the year. The contest in which all fans create and wear the costumes of their favourite characters.

It was held in Romics the unique and unmissable  selection for participating in the World Cosplay Summit (WCS), which takes place every year  in Japan.
Romics has also a partnership  with the London Eurocosplay, organised by MCM and big news for 2015; Romics has also selected the Italian representative for the YAMATO CUP, the world championship in San Paolo, Brazil. Here’s the winners of October 2015 Romics International selections . Romics Cosplay Award - Valentino Notari and  Desirè Tirolo for the World Cosplay Summit 2016. Andrea Di Virgilio for the Yamato Cup International 2016 - Flavia De Benedetta for the Euro Cosplay 2016.