Romics Karaoke Award 2016

Karaoke takes you in Japan! You have had a year to prepare yourself and now you have no more excuses, it’s your turn! The Romics Karaoke Award is back, the only italian contest through which the Italian candidate for the Nippon World Karaoke Gran Prix Cosplay by Live dam is selected.

Also in this edition participants will have to choose and interpret a song in original language taken from Japanese anime and they will have to exhibit  in a cosplay performance themed with the selected song.

Pre-selections will take place on Saturday 09 April at 11:15 and Sunday 10 April at 10:45, whereas the final will take place on the same Sunday 10 at 15:45 and the performances of Karaoke Award will alternate with those of Romics Song Contest and Romics Cosplay Award. Romics Karaoke Award is always housed at Pala Romics – Sala Grandi Eventi e Proiezioni.

The winner will take part in the Nippon World Karaoke Gran Prix Cosplay by Live dam to be held in Nagoya, Japan on August 2016.




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The winner of the last edition - aprile 2015 (video)